Alchemy is defined as a “magical process of transformation, creation, or combination”. The Alchemy Ensemble has been doing just that since 2009. With classical vocal music at the core, Alchemy writes stories and transforms fairytales into music, theatre or dance suitable for all ages. Whether new tales or old, Alchemy combines storytelling with live vocal music, dance, literature, fashion, and much, much more. 

Alchemy is based in Rotterdam in The Netherlands, and has produced magical shows such as 'The Snow Queen' (coming 2017), 'In Vocation (Kruidenvrouw)' (2013), 'Sweet Solitude' (2012), and 'Sjah' (2009), to name a few. Soprano and artisitic director Nicole Jordan brings together musicians and artists to create theatrical wonderlands. Nicole likes to blur the boundaries between artist and audience, so when you find yourself at an Alchemy performance, expect to sit in the scenery or become a part of the story itself! Achemy is also a foundation that supports professional vocalists with their creative projects. See our productions page for more information.

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